December 22, 2011 learn_php

Sessions in PHP

Sessions in PHP Before jumping right into sessions in PHP, we should take a look at what exactly is a session. Since we will talk about sessions in PHP, then we are certainly speaking of a website, some sort of communication with a client and server connection, and even a user interaction. So a session […]

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November 16, 2011 Composition of an array

Arrays in PHP made easy

Arrays in PHP made easy It has been mentioned in previous posts, all about scalar variables. These are the ‘normal’ variables we are able to use in a PHP program. An array is somewhat similar to a variable, in that it takes a value, but not just one value, it can take many values. You […]

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October 9, 2011 learn_php

Learn Basics for PHP Part 2

Learn Basics for PHP Part 2 Welcome back to part 2 of Learn Basics for PHP. If you feel confortable with PHP, then you can keep reading this post. Otherwise, I recommend you read part one. So before we get into web forms, we would need to remember some things about PHP variables. We’ve already […]

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