November 1, 2012 learn_php

Encrypt – Decrypt Class

I have come across a few petitions from some of you readers, and I will try to accomplish all of your requests as soon as possible. The first here is a class that I have built based on some ecnryption and decryption functions that I have used in the past. These functions can be found here:

I took the liberty to create a class so that it can be downloaded by you guys. The use is simple and I can explain how to use it. Just include the class file and create a new object from it:


In order to encrypt or decrypt, we will need to send in the the string to process, and a passphrase called the key. This key is to make your encryption/decryption process unique to your website. The way to do it is as follows:

Before Using!!

Make sure you initialize the the variables within the class before you encrypt or decrypt. This is to prevent errors.

Below I have the full code for the class. I will soon put it up on github so that it will be available for downloaded.

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