January 26, 2012 learn_php

Post for sessions class

Simple Sessions

I have uploaded a simple sessions class for all php developers to use. This class can be used for normal PHP development, or it can be loaded as a library for the codeigniter framework. I would appreciate it all of you would give this a try and give me your feedback and any suggestions. The link for the project page is the following:

Simple Sessions Class by Jotorres Web Development

Hope you all enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Post for sessions class

  1. Hola como va? soy desarrollador PHP y bueno he trabajado últimamente con CI, me gustaría saber que opinas sobre el manejo de sesiones en este framework? que la verdad a mi me ha traído algunos problemas.

    A ver si me escribes a mi correo y conversamos sobre estos detalles.


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