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How to drive more traffic to your blog

How to drive more traffic to your blog

I have been blogging for a couple of months, and I would like to share some things that I have learned about driving traffic to your blog. I have adopted 3 simple ways to be able to grab peoples attention to my blog. Let’s get right to it.

Get known by others

The simplest way to get known by others with your same interests is by joining their groups or forums. For example, in this blog, I mainly talk about PHP web develpment, so my approach would be, go to google.com and search for ‘PHP Forums’. I have joined the top 4 forums from the list. Now here’s the fun part, make sure you actually visit the forums from time to time, as this process will take a few days or even more, as it all depends on you. Be of help to fellow members of those forums, and gain their trust. People tend to trust more a fellow forum member than any random person from around the net.

Another way to get known by others is by using linkedin. I was skeptical at first when it came to this website, as I did not want to create another account within a social network. The day came when I launched my blog finally, and here I was, looking around linkedin. I joined many groups that have to do with what I write about. Next thing I know, it drives a mass amount of traffic to my site. Linkedin, works!

Also, I have joined yahoo answers, and started helping others with questions pertaining to my blog. You answer those questions, and your link stays there for good. I have been receiving daily visits still from the very first questions I answer. Yahoo answers, don’t get old!

Always remember one thing though, ‘DO NOT SPAM!’. People hate spammers, and so do I. When helping fellow members, make sure you give relevant answers to what they are asking. You don’t always have to answer questions that pertain to your subject in your website. So get as many questions answered and get a reputation going. People will support their helpers.

Creating backlinks

Some people do not like the idea of creating backlinks, as this may take a lot of time and a lot of headaches. Trust me though, these backlinks are actually needed. Make sure to create backlinks from website that actually have something to do with your same subject. When this happens, google bots takes these backlinks as a vote from the linking website to the linked website. For example, I have a backlink here in my website, that links to www.arlocarreon.com. Google bot says, jotorres.com has given a vote to arlocarreon.com. If another website links to your site, then that is a vote you are getting from that website.

How do I create these backlinks? You need to set foot out in the world. You need to get acquainted with fellow bloggers, and exchange links.

Blog everyday

This one is the toughest one, and as you can see, I do not follow it very well. It is hard enough to blog good content every few days, imagine how tough it is to blog everyday with good content. I can tell you this though, I can recommend you to blog every day for like 2 or 3 months straight. You will have enough content that your blog will always be filled. Also, google will see that you are constantly updating and google will like you for that. While that does not happen alone, you will need to install a plug-in named ‘XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress’. This plugin will automatically update google about your changes, so you need not to worry about indexing manually.

Here I leave my ways on how to drive traffic to my blog. If you have any other way that you are successful driving traffic to your blog, I would really like to know about it, and also, I could add it to this post if you’d like me to. Hope to hear from you fellow bloggers!

7 thoughts on “How to drive more traffic to your blog

  1. Link exchanges are good, in a sense that you appreciate the content of the blog you’re linking to. That makes a blogger really happy. Oh, and about being related, do you think it’s okay if you’re going to create backlinks on a blog that’s somehow related to your niche, but not completely? Like, when you’re writing about stuff on how to resell SEO services, then you create backlinks on a site that talks about startups, would that be a great idea?

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