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Does SOPA and PIPA affect me?

Does SOPA affect me?

I can easily answer the above question with a simple YES, PERIOD!, but that wouldn’t be enough to satisfy what you came here looking for. If SOPA is granted what they are asking for, then it will affect all of us, even those people outside the United States country. Allow me to explain what I have read so far and understand:

SOPA stands for (Stop Online Piracy Act), and PIPA(Protect IP Act). At a glance one might think, hmm SOPA and PIPA might actually workout for the best, but the name itself does not explain exactly what they are trying to acheive. Their goal is not only to stop online piracy and protect copyright material, but also to block certain websites to be displayed in the US. They are on the verge of fighting freedom of speech. They want the authority to penalize websites for user-generated, user-submitted content. This means that all these good sites that we visit now days, such as youtube, wikipedia, and even google, would have to shut down. Now let’s think, can we live without google, I mean, we cannot buy every book or every encyclopedia to obtain information on what we need at the moment, so that’s why we go to google, look for a quick solution, and we are out.

They would also be granted a few rights to be able to invade your privacy. This so called invasion would be through packet inspection of all incoming and outgoing internet traffic. This means that, if you are reading your email, someone is watching you. If you are making an online purchase, this sensitive data is being picked up by someone. This is by far the worst approach they have, and will give entrance to many hackers in the future to also invade your privacy. These hackers would fake being ‘official packet inspectors’ and next thing you know, your whole identity is being picked up by some stranger.

Let’s be realistic, what were these law boys thinking of when bringing up such a solution? Did they really graduate from law school, or did they buy their way through? I mean, I can understand the intention to stop online piracy and protect copyright material and I’m also sure that about 90-97% of the people might agree to it, but don’t try to force it out of people because the only response you will get back is a fight. If the intentions are to really protect material, and fight piracy, then there is the need of sitting down, being patient, think about a more viable solution for the public, and most definitely change the current approach.

Let me say a quick word to all those congressmen and judges and all those that will be involved in that decision. If a decision is made to support SOPA and PIPA with their current approach, just remember that you guys are also on this side of the ballpark. Just image that you are the one making the online purchase, your information will be revealed to people that I am sure, they will not do any good with it. So think about the decision, and make the right choice.

I hope I have raised awareness to all readers of what is happening.

3 thoughts on “Does SOPA and PIPA affect me?

  1. I totally agree with you. I mean, lets say it was currently approved, we wouldn’t be reading this right now because they would banned all this delightful information from the people. Now ask your self : What will they censor next? So lets fight back for our freedom!!!!

    Great stuff man!!! Precise and accurate.

  2. Hi Jo,
    Thank you for taking the time to explain SOPA & PIPA. I personally do not believe that these acts are to stop piracy, instead, I believe that they have more to do with censorship and trampling on our constitution. It is no coincidence that SOPA & PIPA are being brought up so soon after the signing of NDAA. It was all well executed for a reason. They want total control of the sheep!!! The WWW is not the only place where piracy takes place, there are vendors all over the country selling conterfeit Nikes, ADIDAS, and Rolexs. They have been selling these goods long before the internet came along, and after this administration tramples our rights and enacts SOPA/PIPA, they will still be selling them.

  3. Well, I did my homework a couple of days ago and, to my understanding, the most terrifying feature of this SOPA/PIPA nonsense law is the ability to ban websites by request.
    For example, lets pretend that Jorge Torres has a blog whose main topic is related to the music industry and how the current strategies by discographies affect the ability of musicians to create REAL music.
    Now, lets say that a SONY representative finds your blog offensive and identifies it as a real threat to their company.
    Then, in a scenario where SOPA/PIPA are in place, the representative will file a complain with the corresponding agencies, and without any warning…your blog will be shut down and banned forever and ever.
    This is NOT right.
    Anywho, for now we “won”…although, just as the Senate originally voted the 2008 huge bailout…they eventually got it out under the table : )
    Also, the NSA is ALWAYS monitoring emails, instant messages, and all forms of communication, 24/7. This is nothing new…
    Anyway, nice topic Mr.

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